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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stress Can Cause High Cholesterol Levels

 By: Vivek Sharma

Nowadays in this fast paced world and changing lifestyle
majority of the people are in the burden of stress. Stress has
become an integral part of every human being and they try to
find the ways to lower it down significantly. Being everyone
stressed out, now it has become very important in how to react
in these situations. Many people either fall prey to this stress
or succumb to this ever raising tension. It has been noticed
that people who are generally stressed out tend to develop
various diseases like ulcers, chronic diseases and even heart

Cholesterol is nothing but a waxy, lipid substance circulating
in the human body providing fat and guarding the arteries. It
not only produces sex hormones but also provide much required
fat to the body. There has been a significant increase in the
deaths related to cholesterol and its related diseases.
Scientifically it has not been proved that why increased stress
leads to high level of cholesterol. But yes it is true that
cholesterol level increases by two to three percent during the
stressful situations.

Researchers have concluded that people suffering from prolonged
mental stress tend to produce more cholesterol in comparison to
a normal man. And these are the persons who tend to get heart
attack within the span of short time once their cholesterol
level reaches sky high. People falling in this category are
mainly advised to do some stress busting exercises and are told
to eat more green and fresh vegetables teemed with less fat and
oil in it. These people are generally taught to learn few quick
and small stress busting tricks so that they can use it whenever
they feel stressed out.

It has been witnessed that at the time of stress and tension
people tend to smoke or drink more than usual which leads to
increase in cholesterol level. So they are usually informed to
avoid drinking and smoking at this point of time so that they
don't invite heart diseases with open arms. These days people
feel stressed out in every situation whether its job stress,
family tensions or even any financial crisis. It's just that how
to maintain to your mental status at that point of time is of
prime concern.

So if you feel stressed out and tensed then instead of panicking
go for some light exercises which can release your tension and
can make you feel more relaxed and keeps your temperament cool.

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