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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Fun Personality Quiz that Reveals Your Fears

 By: Cindy Smith


You may have taken a personality survey before. You might have coaxed your husband into taking a "are we compatible survey", even though you’ve been married for more than ten years! Or you’ve prodded your boyfriend into taking: "are you marriage material" to try and get him to commit. We’ve filled out surveys in magazines at the doctor’s office or seen them on Twitter or Face book pages. All these personality quizzes are designed to tell us what type of parent, thinker, worker, lover or sleeper we are.

However, you probably have not taken a personality survey that tells you what you’re afraid of before. Yes, a fun but amazingly accurate survey called Wanna Play that first reveals your personality type (Innovator, Achiever, Peacemaker or Puzzle Player) and then correlates what you’re afraid of (invisibility, failure, rejection or chaos).

Why is this important? Because our fears shape our lives. They keep us from reaching our potential and keep us stuck in the same old patterns of behavior that no longer serve us. Our relationship problems keep repeating themselves with the same scenarios but a different cast of characters. I have a history of working for ungrateful bosses – I know this.

Eventually, without realizing it, our unconscious fears lead us to play a childhood game called Hide and Seek, where we hide from something inside ourselves and seek answers outside ourselves. Remember that childhood game where we hid from someone … well now we are hiding from something, some feeling, some emotion, some thought. Basically something called FEAR.

When we play Hide and Seek, we begin to seek outside of ourselves what we think will make us happy internally. We race to acquire tangible things, such as more money, better cars, fancier toys, and bigger houses. The shininess of the new toys wears off and we soon realize that to achieve happiness, peace or whatever it is you are looking for more of, we have to change something within.

Yes, we still play childhood games, even though we thought we outgrew them. Combine this with the baggage we bring from childhood, and when life gets stressful, when our back is against the wall, fear rears its ugly head and can overtake our life.

Take heart! As an Achiever who fears failure, who seeks accomplishment at all times and at all costs, who often feels less than and wants to feel more than, I’m here to tell you there is a way out of this rut. This simple personality quiz can get you to have a new definition of fear – Face your fears, Embrace your fears, Ace your fears and Replace your fears -- and lead a life where you’re not half, you’re whole!

Take the first step by taking this personality survey. Our fears have no expiration date … uncover yours and put them in their rightful place – the rear view mirror.

Wanna Play?

Cindy Smith is co-author of A New Fearless You, a self help book that will lead you to develop a new game plan for overcoming your fears. Go to to take a fun yet accurate personality survey.

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