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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Developing Your Positive Mental Attitude

 by terryptb
Don't believe for a minute that the whole world is against you and that nothing you do can change that. The power of positive thoughts will achieve more success than being negative. Believe that the world is just itching to make it happen for you and it will!

Have you ever played the parking game? Next time you're looking parking and you know finding one may be difficult, try asking your parking fairy, or whatever you want to call it, to help you get a parking space.

As you drive along tell yourself that you will get a parking and that the world around you is working really hard to ensure that you will drive into the space in front of the door. This little exercise will work as long as your positive thoughts go out without hesitation and disbelief.

If you don't drive, try it with something else; perhaps tickets to a really popular show or concert that could be sold out already or maybe a table at your favorite restaurant on their busiest evening. Expect the universe to help you attain what you would like to have and it just may surprise you.

Now if these small little goals get some help from the world, and they will if you ask really sincerely, then surely the world will help you with bigger tasks and goals. What about expecting the world to help you through a serious operation?

Or why not expect the world to help with that dream home you have wanted so badly all your life? What about the dream job, do you think the world and its inhabitants will help with that? People in general do like to help others because it helps brings us to empathize with our own needs as human beings.

In order for you to see the world as you're helping agent, you need have to have faith. Faith is simply believing without seeing. If you sincerely ask for and expect help in achieving your goals, you will find that the hurdles and obstacles placed in your path become opportunities instead; but this will only happen if we change our attitude towards things and circumstances.

Big changes happen in our lives when we start looking at the world in a different light. If you view everything around you as being there just to block your progress then every small hiccup will become a major problem. If you consider those hiccups to be something that has been given to you as help then your entire journey will be so much easier to manage.

An optimist will not only achieve more in their lives but are happier as well.
A positive outlook will make your journey so much easier. Through some strange universal power, that positive attitude mix with faith makes overcoming your obstacles so much easier, or maybe it just seems easier because of the positive attitude.

Sometimes life seems to throw many problems in our way, and they can seem endless. Facing those problems and obstacles with a positive mental attitude doesn't make them go away, but it does make coping with them a lot easier. Nurture your positive mental attitude because it is a habit that will form your future.

True success begins with loving yourself, developing your Godly character, and learning how to serve others.
We all should pursue our passions and not our payday!

Best Of Success,


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