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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to quickly master anything



Are you a long-drawn-out learner? Reading a hardback then it seems like you didn't even read, and one ear and out the other ear. Are you acquiring personal development paperback still you hardly learn anything from it? This was me years ago until I learned what I'm about to lecture you on how to master basically anything fast and clearly.
The fastest way to answer how to master anything rapidly is something called spaced repetition. Spaced repetition is listening or doing something over a interval of time until it is deep-rooted in your brain. A great period to use spaced repetition can be with personal development audio books. Ordinarily you would listen to each track once, do the exercises then move on. Possibly once or twice review your notes or listen to a track a couple more times. In order to get the most from the audio, I would listen to the track a few times before moving to the next track.
It's like hearing a new song from your choice station. Hearing the song for the first time, you hardly know any of the lyrics, ultimately you hear it again and again then you pretty much know most of the song. Congratulations, you just experienced spaced repetition! You don't have to necessarily like it but since you've heard it so several times it gets ingrained in your head more or less like a habit.
You can use spaced repetition with anything like audio, books, flash cards etc… But audio is by far the most efficient in my view. With audio you don't need alone time to do it. You can listen to an audio anytime plus even if you're doing something, even something like SLEEP. With a book you have to use isolated time with it, you can't study and vacuum at the same time but with audio you can. Using audio you can listen in your car, at the gym anywhere you please.
Then you speculate how many times do I have to listen to something for it to get ingrained? Twenty-one times in thirty days works. If you do this it will help turn to a routine. Or if it's broken down into numerous tracks I would listen to a certain track at least seven times before I move to the next track.
If you do this on anything you're trying to learn I promise you, you will get A LOT more out of it. You will learn a lot faster then going through something once or twice and expecting to take action with it right away. I do this for everything I do now and it's helped me master anything quickly.

If you finally want to learn how to finally master anything quickly check out my blog for more personal development stuff.


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