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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How Much is the Price of Stress?

 by Pat Patrickson


It may sound like a silly question, but it's not. If you start thinking about it, the price of stress can be measured in a number of ways, and the results of those measurements can be downright scary.

The first and foremost factor that comes to mind is the medical costs involved. Stress has been proven to cause all kinds of health problems, ranging from high blood pressure to tinnitus and from ulcers to chronic fatigue. It weakens the immune system, leaving you vulnerable to a number of illnesses. The cost of these medical conditions, calculated over a period of time, can be staggering to say the least.

Unfortunately, when people think of the price of stress, they fail to calculate the loss of earnings due to poor performance at work. It is impossible to calculate it, but it cannot be denied. If stress is keeping you from rising above the crowd, it will keep you from being promoted, and it will keep you from achieving your true career potential. How much would that cost be to you?

Additionally, the social implications of stress can also have a price attached to it. If you are constantly irritable, you may lose friends, some of whom may have been able to help you out in times of need. Side effects like constant fatigue and tinnitus will add to your being avoided by others.

Lastly, think of the cost to your family. While it is difficult to calculate this cost in monetary terms, it can nevertheless be the cause of personal loss. Your stress may be placing a huge strain on your relationship with your family. If you are always irritable, your kids will be less likely to approach you for advice. The lack of trust could cause them to make bad choices that may have been avoided. The threat to your marriage can be seen in the divorce statistics. Stress has taken its toll on many marriages all over the world.

If you do not find a way to deal with stress, you may end up paying a much higher price than you could imagine. For most people, stress levels are determined by the way you handle it, and not the pressure itself. Educate yourself, and handle yours differently.

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