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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Main Contributing Factors to Modern Day Stress

One of the main contributing factors to modern day stress in constant exposure to media, the main thing being an abundance of bad news, you are far from having any peace of mind. Yet many of us find it impossible to stop watching television.
If go go back in history we are going to find that news were not instant, it took weeks or even months to travel from place to place. When they invented the printing press they changed all that forever, as did transportation and telecommunication. When television was invented, it spread out like a population of rabbits.
By the year 1950, there were over a hundred thousand televisions in American households, in 1951 there were well over a million. In today's modern age it is unusual for a house not to have a television, each household on average has two to four sets each equipped with over a hundred channels.
The news stations are the primary subject of those channels, and many of them run twenty four hours a day. By September 11, 2001, live newscasts were merged with text across the bottom of the screen, so that hundreds of millions of viewers could stay informed with all the details.
It is common sense that most of the news we are going to get are bad and disturbing. Most of these newscast are poisoning our minds with disturbing images that makes us scared of everything, we are scared of wars, food, viruses and economy, and guess what most of these are bogus. The human mind is designed to slip into alarm mode in case of danger, and guess what according to the news we are in danger all the time. Danger lurks around every corner so be scared!!
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