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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Modern Day Stress

Since the beginning of time stress has been a part of life for humans, it helps us by telling us when we are in danger. In today's world the effects that stress has upon us can be a threat to our emotional well being. In this article I will give you an over view of the positive and negative impact that stress has on us, I will explains how we respond to it and how you can beat it.
Lets be real here, because reality in general is filled with stress as it always has been, but there is a positive side to stress because we need it to warn us when we are in danger and as we learn to pay attention to it it raises the odds of survival or at least better living. Nature has mathematically equipped animals and humans with an alarm system that goes off when we encounter a certain threat whether its a bad one or just a minor one.
Each threat that comes along with daily life, a stressor its called, is a cause of reaction and alertness. The reaction of stress, is known as a stress response even though we refer to it as just stress. It is important to know that stress and stress response are completely different things, if fact it is important to learn how to tell them apart. Stressors are everywhere we go, and it will always be that way, but we do have control over it to some extent.
It is important to be aware of this thing called stress, to realize that just imagine yourself in the caveman days, being chased by a predator, in this situation you are going to react by being fearful and stressed, your heart rate and breathing will go over the roof and you will sweat, but this alone would not help you deal with the predator you will simply become lunch.
Thank yourself that you are evolved enough to react the right way to run or fight. As you have seen the flight or fight response is the default and best reaction. Stress can be so debilitating and unfortunately in does not help us in the modern world. In today's day and age it is common sense that chronic stress makes people more vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses.
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