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Monday, August 16, 2010

Why you will never escape the rat race

The question that has lasted the test of time, has always been - why do people continually get caught in an endless rat race? Every day you see people push into trains or buses, travel long distances, only to squeeze through turnstyles and then sit in a small cubicle for 8 hours before doing the reverse and going home again. Why do we do this?

The simple answer is because this is how we have been programmed to be brought up. A combination of peer pressure, parental pressure, and expectation that is ear marked by society causes us as individuals to fall in line and follow whatever is the norm. Since a young age, we are told to get a good education, get a good job, then support your own family. Without any further guidance, this is exactly what we do, and eventually we become very good at it - squeezing through other people just to stay in the race.

The thought of being ridiculed by family and friends simply because we are not employed by an organization or another employer is simply unbearable. The ones who have successfully launched their own careers without relying on the protection of a large organization have simply been either brought up with an independent family that has taught them well about survival of the fittest, or just due to plain luck. A lot of hard work must be done to become successful on your own right, and even before this step, some drastic changes must occur to the individual even before the thought of leaving a comfortable job is realised.

Most people fall into what is called the lazy work syndrome. They use work as an excuse to be lazy. Lazy to work for themselves, and lazy to form a good balance between work and self time. Self time is when you invest to better yourself for you, and you only. Not for another company or a boss. Most people never do this as an exercise. They wake up, go to work, come home, relax a little, then start all over again the next day. Giving time to yourself can prove to be very beneficial, since it allows the individual to think about their path in life, brainstorm new ideas on how to sell and interact with others. This time spent on oneself is very important in order to escape the rat race that they have become comfortable in.

For some, the security of a large company may be enough to satisfy their lifestyle. Perhaps they are fine with 37 hour work week. They are fine with having someone to answer too, and they are perfectly happy to take annual leave to relax with their families. The stress of a personal business may not be worth it to many people. Being accountable for the welfare of other employees may not be something they like to manage. For these reason, one of many, is why most people will never escape the rat race.

Patrick Smithe - About the Author:
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