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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Way to Alleviate Stress And Panic Fit Derealization Tension



Psychological well-being is giant in the media at the moment. Campaigns abound to raise our awareness and famous folks talk frequently about stress, depression and panic attack derealization hysteria and the devastating effects they have had on their non-public, work and family life.

basically, one up to date article claimed that nearly half of Australians are have or have had a little form of psychological illness. Why, as the experts agree, are 75% of us stressed out? Why are our lives so busy and what are we getting out of it? How can we live with this building up of pressure inside us without exploding? How will we find the balance between achieving our goals and relaxing into the present moment? Terribly huge questions. Clearly, mental contentment doesn't just occur. We would like to work on it. Daily. This can sound like a huge ask but the choice is rather upsetting. As more of us become conscious of our high stress level and how it can adversely impact our health and relations, more of us look for answers. One choice is to turn to the pros, say we are sad and be prescribed strong mind-altering drugs that might or might not address the symptoms and ignores the cause.

We might be given a diagnosis and be told we have "panic attack derealization anxiety" or "post-natal depression". We may see a therapist long term who listens, we may talk about our infancy and analyse our feelings and thoughts. The medical model is meant to focus minutely on what's wrong - a specific neurotransmitter, a selected behaviour, a diagnosis or a collection of events that occurred when we were young.

An excursion down this simply available trail has definitely saved many lives but has enabled many to remain stuck with no immediate relief from their negative feelings.

Another choice we would be interested in is the trail of healing, of spirituality, of preventative drugs, crystals, channeled entities, re-birthing and reincarnation. Veganism, sorcery, mantras and 7th dimensions need us to be open with a child-like curiosity about the world and the way energy works. This trail concentrates on what's right - on the perfection of what has happened within the individual. The sole problem is, rainbows and dolphins aren't taken too seriously by typical thought in mental contentment and medicine. So, what's another option? Maybe eventually the only one that counts. The one that each individual selects for himself with no regard for sex, background, culture, religion, education and life experience. A trail that isn't exclusive, that demands no bias or preconceived ideas or experience of anything especially. A trail that welcomes fifty 5 years old Bosses who drive BMWs, the fear locked, vegetarian hippy from Byron and the person just living their life, doing what they do ; sleeping, eating, drinking, working, giggling, crying, playing and dying.

All this trail wishes is the development of a personal philosophy that could be practiced amid the chaos of our regular lives. A philosophy that fits our unique view of the planet and gives us something to hold on to when we need it most ; at times when we are actually stressed, have a very strongly worried mind or are feeling blue and unable to join with anybody or anything around us.

A philosophy I have rigorously cultivated is "Anything that ever happens to me is for the best." This belief saw me through persistent worry, eating defects, relationship breakdowns, obsession, debt, economic failure and more. With consistent practice and time, I have developed a positive view of life, a method to feel happier about where I am at the moment, to accept change and to accept conflict and loss. Your own non-public philosophy exists outside of the medical model, faith and self-development practice. It exists only in you and you take it with you wherever you go and whatever you do.
There's so very much more, but this is where we start with stress relief for actuality. What's your personal philosophy? How has is it served you? Is it time to make a new one?

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