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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Become a More Optimistic Person?

 By Adrian F Alexa

Emotionally intelligent people are usually very optimistic and they have strategic approaches to difficult situations. Optimistic people always that there is always a solution for almost everything! Nowadays people consider that they have too many problems and that they have to solve too many difficult situations and that they just cannot be optimistic anymore because they cannot find any solutions for their problems. But they do not know that a smile on their face can make a lot of changes in their life and that optimism is directly related to happiness.
We are going to give you some tips which should help you become a more optimistic person:
*you should first recognize when you are in difficult situations;
*recognize your top skills which can help you deal with difficult situations;
*recognize that you have some defects and that sometimes you might need some help in order to solve your problems;
*try to change your negative emotions into positive ones - if you are angry, try to understand why you are having this mood and try to change it.
*the best you can do is to see negative circumstances as challenges that you have to overcome!
*try to see bad things that happen to you as life experiences that you need to go through;
Studies have shown that optimistic people have a happier life and that they can overcome their problems faster than the others. Certain studies found that optimistic people have a lower risk for cancer, heart diseases or early death than pessimistic people.
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