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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stress Is All in the Mind

 by Felicity Maris Modesto


Despite being triggered by external factors, stress in actuality is produced by your own mind. It is a result of your desire to achieve something or comply with a specific standard or requirement. And because we can never expect to thrive without abiding by one set of standards or another, it is typical that your day to day activities would make up your daily dose of stress.

But the kind of stress that compels you to achieve or perform accordingly are expected and necessitated. On its own, it is enough to use up your energy reserves. It is the unwanted and useless stress you unconsciously encumber yourself with that you must learn to handle and do away with.

The Importance of Being and Staying Rational

What sets man apart from beasts is his rationality. However, despite the privilege to exercise his reasoning to handle his affairs effectively, too often a time, he burdens himself with irrational thoughts. All of which adds up to unwarranted stress. And as he fusses about the minutest and least insignificant of details, he blames anything and everything for his stressful woes. Everything except himself that is.

It is the unwanted irrational thoughts that you often obsess about that unnecessarily add to your mental burden. And it goes without mentioning, that you should learn to distinguish and discard them on the spot. Common examples of these are the following: being overly finical with your appearance, obsessing about the tiniest insignificant detail that is really unimportant to begin with, sacrificing too much just so that you can please everybody literally, and corrupting your mind with too many "what ifs" or "what could bes".

Unclutter your mind by ridding yourself of these kinds of irrational thoughts that do not hold water. When you find yourself under attack by them; stop them right then and there, breathe in, and focus on being still until such time that all those voices in your head are silenced. Only when your mind is still should you give yourself the chance to sift through each one, so as to segregate the important ones from those that aren't.

Choosing Your State of Mind

Speaking of controlling the situation, it is vital that you know which ones can be subjected to your control and which one's are beyond you. Rather than beat yourself up by trying to control external factors, why not look within yourself and see if you have yourself under your control first? Bearing in mind that the only thing you can really control is yourself, why waste precious time and effort manipulating anything else?

If others' attitudes or behaviors is stressing you out, there is nothing you can do to change them if they themselves refuse to budge. However, you can choose not to be affected by them if you want to. Living in a free world entitles each one of us to do as he pleases. The action-reaction theory does not necessarily apply to humans because we have individual wills each one can exercise freely. So rather than drive yourself crazy imposing your will on others(even if it is for their own good); sit back, relax and get a hold of yourself.

Choosing your state of mind regardless of circumstances and other people empowers you to stay in control. Even if you are surrounded by madness, you can easily stay sane. Given that you use your will by exercising your inherent right to acquire a specific mindset, shedding unnecessary stress caused by external factors would be a piece of cake.

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