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Friday, August 20, 2010

How to Develop Patience


Webster's defines be patient as assuming pains or tests calmly or without complaint, or being steadfast in spite of resistance, trouble or hardship. This may be why patience is known as a virtue. It is little practiced, but much needed. At the first signal of trouble, many leap to an more comfortable, more fluid route, desiring to keep off the anguish and agony that is essential on the route to personal growth. But it is only by taking this rough road do we gain the experience necessary to develop our character. Impatience robs us of these types of life experiences. How would your existence be different if you applied more patience? Patience is the ability to persevere when everyone else has abandoned. Patience is power to discharge your need for prompt satisfaction and wait for the things to come in their own time frame. Patience masters criticism and intolerance. Patience grows devoted relationships in matrimony, family, church, community and vocation. Many a big leader have showed patience by looking before they jumped, thinking before they did, and debating before they chose. Patience is the brand of adulthood. So now we know the merits of patience, how do we build up more patience? First of all, recognize that no one is perfect, including yourself. Accept yourself and other people, imperfections and all. Everyone is fighting with their own circle of fears, weaknesses, obstructions and crises. We are all on the road of personal growth together and can help one another by expressing more patience and kindness to one another. Second, develop a uniform doctrine of life based upon a ethic you trust in. Then when you are faced with a state of affairs, you are able to make your selection established upon the moral principle instead of an instant gratification response. With every option is a outcome. Do you move now and settle? Or do you wait to get the result you truly desire? Third, alter your position on the past, present and the future. Cease lingering over your errors and failures. They cannot be altered. As an alternative, center and what you are able to do now to make a difference. Life is a blessing and every day should be lived as if it were your final. Begin clean everyday and recall the future arrives one day at a time. What can you do now to alter the outcomes you have in the time to come? Fourth, face your fears instead of avoid them. Do the thing you fear the most and the fear will disappear. "That which we persevere in doing gets easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has modified, but our ability to do it has expanded." By doing more, it becomes more comfortable, and when it becomes more comfortable it becomes fun instead of stressful. In conclusion, realize that all things come to those who wait. The Universe, the infinite force that connects us all, will bring the people who can help, the solutions you may require, the instruments and resources you are seeking when you need them. You must have faith and be patient and trust in your goals, recognizing that they will frequently not be achieved agreeing to your master plans. Conditions change. People change. Things shift. Let go of your anxiety, skepticism and question about accomplishing your goal. Know that The cosmos is constantly encouraging you and will always help you accomplish the things you want. Just be patient!

About the Author:
Learn about the large Duggar family from TLC. Many consider them examples of love and patience.

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