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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trying Crying Surviving

 by (J) Marshall Wade

Perhaps through our mind’s eye, as we scan those slowly and evermore fading visions of our younger years as a child, we recall a few instances when we were attempting to accomplish something – but no matter how much of an effort we put into it, se seem to somehow fail. And of course, it wasn’t long before our ever exerting selves became all excited and we began to cry. We were way too young to realize that we were way to young to know the solution to whatever it was that caused our tears of failure … or maybe that there was no solution, and we should have moved on to something else.

As time passed, our bodies aged into the teenage years, our knowledge increases, and we learned to over look some of the smaller loses in our lives…mainly because other attempted accomplishments became more important. Such as; we may have spent many long hours studying for a very critical test, but afterward learned that we had not studied enough…and we cried, but we survived! Or maybe our heart may have been full of puppy love for a particular individual, but when we pursed our quest, we discovered they had no interest in us…and we cried, but we survived!

We may have practiced for months to obtain a part in a school play, only to find out later that someone else was better…and we cried, but we survived! We might have craved our license to drive on our sixteenth birthday, but didn’t quite pass the test…and we cried, but we survived! Of course, it may have been that the day of graduation arrived, and we suddenly found out we need one more credit…and we cried, but we survived.

As time went on its merry way, perhaps we tried to gain entrance to the college we desired, but could not amass enough money…and we cried, but we survived! Or we applied for a good-paying job in a field we loved, but someone else beat us to it…and we cried, but we survived! Or it could have been that on our wedding day, we were embarrassed because our intended mate ran off with someone else…and we cried, but we survived!

Naturally, it could have been the day we were traveling to meet a long lost friend in another state, but our vehicle broke down, and we couldn’t afford to get it fixed…and we cried, but we survived! Or maybe our computer crashed, and took our last three months work with it…and we cried, but we survived!

Perhaps it took us a year to author a book, and one day realized we left it somewhere…and we cried, but we survived! Or it’s possible our house caught fire, and was completely destroyed…and we cried, but we survived! Then maybe it was when we tried out for the major league team of our teenage dreams, but didn’t quite make the grade…and we cried, but we survived! Or maybe it was when we went to purchase the new car we always wanted, but our credit was not good enough…and we cried, but we survived!

Then one day, we woke up and headed to the bathroom to wash our face, brush our teeth, and get ready for another day. But as we glanced into the mirror that never lies, we suddenly said – “My god, I don’t remember growing old. What happened to or dreams of the far-away places we wanted to explore, the famous people we wanted to meet, and the beaches on the sands of time, that we never got around to? I guess it’s all over now!”

Well, not really! So far, you survived. And as Albert Einstein stated – “There is something about the now!” – go for it! Imagine what you can do next!

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(J) Marshall Wade is the author of 24 books about self improvement and related subjects

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