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Thursday, August 12, 2010

This Should Motivate You To Reach Your Full Potential

 By June Steed

Why do we choose to spend money on some things and not on others? Why would a person who has never smoked before choose to spend his money on a packet of cigarettes, rather than a nutritious meal for the body or spirit? Why would a person spend thousands of dollars buying things from stores and online shopping sites that they know they will never use?
Most of us have money to spend every day and we have our own list of reasons as to where we will choose to spend it. Isn't it strange though that we often are willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on quirky costumes for our pet or video rentals or whatever fad shopping impulse hits us after we view one of those late night infomercials and yet think that spending money to hire a life coach is a silly waste of our money?
Did you know that a life coach can give you more value for money than you ever thought of? You can have the latest hair style and highlights, the coolest clothes and biggest house on the block and yet still be unhappy...why?
Well, I can tell you that those things do not automatically bring happiness in their wake. They help to grease the wheels of life but we all have baggage that needs to be addressed in some way. What would you say if I told you that many people are still living the life their parents told them to live when they were children, without ever adjusting their views and knowledge to correspond to their adult lives? Do you think all lawyers, doctors, and company directors went into these fields because they had a passion for it, or were they told from an early age by their parents that they should follow in mom or dad's footsteps? Are you in the army because army service is a tradition in your family and you feel that it would mortify your uncle George if you didn't enlist?
Let me tell you that there are millions of people on this planet who have the freedom to live their lives as they choose and yet are still bound by other's expectations of them. Why do some people wake up each morning with a knot in their stomach because they know they must go to a job they hate. It's not that they don't want to work, they just don't want to work at this job. They know what job they really have a passion to do but what would the family say, would dad cut them out of their inheritance? They wonder, how would I find the resources to train for the job of my dreams, who can I talk to when things are going less than well and the family just don't understand my passion, who will listen to me and help me pull out the strengths and resources within me? I can tell you. A life coach, that's who!
They ask themselves questions such as, whom do I know who would work with me to further my interest? Who revels in my success? Who shows me the positive possibilities while understanding the negative aspects of my situation? I can tell you. A life coach, that's who! Who will tell me "You CAN do it", rather than "You'll never amount to anything, don't bother trying?" I know. A life coach, that's who! Do you know that you could have reached so many of your dreams and passions if you had hired a life coach for just one month. Hire one for three months and watch you grow! If you have just had your poodle clipped to look like Madame Pompidou or you can't understand where all that coffee money has gone this past year, you can afford a life coach. For around $300 per month, you can be coached to become a new and happier person. Want to smile and feel good about yourself,?Hire a life coach...NOW, while you still have some coffee money left over.
Take advantage of a free report entitled Ten Ways To Achieve My Goals by sending your email address to It will be emailed to you within two days. No obligation.
June Steed is a caring and experienced life coach who can find no better joy than to see people succeed in life. Originally from England, she has lived in western Canada for many years.
She firmly believes that it is never too late to become the person you always wanted to be and is totally committed to helping her clients become just that. Find out more about June, and how she can help you, at her website


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