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Friday, August 20, 2010

Is Your Fear and Worry Robbing You of Life? How Can I Overcome This?

 by Martin Cohn

Whilst we can all suffer from concerns or worries from time to time, it is a sad fact that for many more people, being worried and fearful is almost like a full time plague. From the moment they wake up, they are worrying, and concerned about numerous issues, to the point that their quality of life is severely affected.
To put this in perspective, whilst we can all have, and experience worries, many of us are able to acknowledge the problems causing the worry, and then work towards a solution, rather than just continuing to worry. It is this point that I wish to expand on in this article.
I also speak from experience, as I spent many years, as a teenager, worrying about my future, and I now know this was caused by my lack of confidence in my abilities at the time. However, had I not learned the importance of being able to recognise a problem, and break it down into components, or pieces to work towards a solution, I would have allowed it to 'strangle' my success. Another way to understand the issue of worry is to know that it will rob you of your achievements and future success. I know this is harsh, but it is also true. Only by being brutally honest with yourself, and acknowledging the facts here, will you be more likely to accept your problems, and thus, work towards their solution, and thus, move on with your life.
Equally, whilst some people think of problems as 'things to be avoided at all costs', it is in fact the way for us top better ourselves as human beings. Furthermore, the most highly paid people in the world are problem solvers. Whilst I am not suggesting you look to become a professional problem solver, the fact is that all the information products on the market, as an example, are designed to solve people's problems. If they did not have a problem, there would be no market for their product.
In addition, I have witnessed people so paralysed by worry, that they feared even getting out of bed. It is pathetic, as well as sad, and thus, I hope to encourage you to recognise that all problems, no matter how insurmountable they may seem, all have a solution. Let me assure you I do not write these words from an ivory tower, as I too, have had and continue to9 have many challenges. However, I look at the problem for what it is, and analyse various possible solutions, and then act on them.
By taking action, you are more than half way through the problem, as it is the people who do not take action that are the ultimate worriers, the people that simply let the issues simmer.
About the Author:
I have found the Six Minute Success method works for me, every time, and I start every day with just six minutes to ensure I am on the right track for the day. It has worked for me, and countless others. You will see results too.
In addition, I make sure to always be reading the very best personal development material, as it is the information you absorb that will separate you from the 'average' people, and make you the success, you deserve to be.
Freedom from fear is a right that you deserve to experience, and live life to its fullest peak for you.

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