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Saturday, August 21, 2010

How To Avoid Bad Habits



How do we avoid bad habits? All of us have been through trying to make a bad habit go away. Some are merely irritating, and others can damage the quality of our lives. Nearly everyone struggles with at least one thing we do repeatedly that we hate but are stuck with, even though the price may be excessive. Whether it is letting the kitchen get too dirty or drinking too much, we do not fully own our lives.

The most sure way to avoid bad habits seems so straight forward as to be silly, but here it is. Don't start! Each day of our lives we make a thousand choices, and with many of those choices we are given an opportunity to avoid the beginning of a bad habit. The power to make a health producing choice arises out of self respect and self love and also, regard for others.

As a a child you may have come up in an environment which convinced you that you were not good enough, or not deserving of love, or not worthy. If such is true for you, then it is essential to do all you can to heal your self esteem and find appreciation for yourself, however you are able. If you are have children in your care, it is a priceless opportunity to instill in them high self worth so that they can avoid the choices that cultivate bad habits.

Many of the most risky habits can be avoided altogether, if the will to make a positive choice is instilled. Like smoking. This is not a substances the body needs and it is smart to simply not start. Self worth provides the authority to say no to the peer pressure around it. The same can be said of drinking to excess. If these habits have already been established, then healthy self regard and the motivation to be in charge of your life leads to seeking the support you need to take back your life from a bad habit.

What about anger in your relationships? Giving into screaming, or habitually chasing conflict, shoud be supplanted with wholesome habits. Acquire new coping skills,such as deep breathing, going for a walk for a time out before discussing the problem. There are many self help books providing guidance to clean up bad habits in relationships.. Second hand stores have lots of good books for a song.

Associations are powerful. In creating good habits to replace your bad ones, it may require the courage to stop associating with others who have the same behaviors, and also avoiding situations where those habits get triggered.

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