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Friday, November 13, 2009

Breaking Habits To Overcome Social Anxiety

By: Quentin Williams

It is difficult to tell where we are going wrong in life sometimes due to the fast pace of the world and our lives. Have you felt unhappy even when you have some of the traits of a normal life such as a job, a home, a relationship etc. Dwelling on the past is something that affects many people. The reason this becomes a problem for some people is that they are ill equipped to deal with the emotional pressures that the mind can induce.

So how can we change these feelings? How might we get out of the rut we find ourselves in from time to time. We need to look at our emotions. Emotions start in the mind and the curious thing about emotions is that unlike most thoughts we can actually feel them physically. Anger, happiness, anxiety and confidence all produce real bodily sensations that we can sense. If we get into a habit of noticing when these emotions are going to surface we will be able minimize the impact the emotions have on our well being.

Lets take a closer look at the concept of habit. Habit is our subconscious mind automatically controlling same of our activities, done most of the time without conscious thought. There are minor habits such as nail biting, to the extreme habits that begin to take the form of OCD. But you may be surprised to know that in our everyday lives and the way we act are due to established habits.

These habits are what form our personality, which in essence is what we are. It would be very confusing if we kept changing them all the time. One of the floors of mankind is people thinking that they are unchangeable, thinking 'I have always been like this I can't change', when if they looked deeper they would find the really course for change. Which means we look to change our circumstances without looking at the true cause of our situation - ourselves! Specifically the way we think.

If we can identify these habits and how they make us behave with the people around us, we will be able to make minor changes to them. Learning to control the habits that are affecting our mental wellbeing and holding us back, will help us develop socially while only making a little difference to our personalities.

For insistence, take the case of the former burglar who comes out of prison and turns his life around. One day he walks past an open window on the ground floor of an household. There is no one else around he could easily climb through and take what he wants. He walks up to the window and closes it and walks away. Once he would have given into the emotions of the opportunity, while now he feels control over those emotions. You see, not only has he changed his behavior but now he has changed the way he thinks about the environment he is in.

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