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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who Needs Anxiety Pills?

By Alexander Sutton
Anxiety pills have become something that more and more people are using and talking about these days. However, everyone gets anxious at some point. It's a completely natural reaction to stress, fear, or even exhaustion. However, other people get anxious when it's not natural. This can occur randomly when situations aren't stressful. Or this can also mean situations that are stressful cause a greater than normal level of anxiety. Both of these circumstances can be very harmful to a person's physical health, their mental being, and their social life. It can cause people to avoid work, interacting with friends and family, or even getting up each day. Worse yet, extreme anxiety can cause people to believe ideas and fears that normally they would ignore. All of these circumstances can compound into one terrible experience for anyone who has to live with this level of stress. However, even these circumstances can happen to people during short intervals. So who needs anxiety pills?
It's a good question, especially if you're thinking about your own life. It can be hard to judge whether you need treatment or not, but the main criteria when deciding to seek treatment is determining whether your anxiety has changed your life. Lots of people get nervous on planes or around barking dogs, but if you avoid trips or won't walk down streets with dogs on them, then you might want to seek treatment. Therapists and others usually try to treat such problems with exposure therapy and other 'talk' style therapies. These types of therapies are used to unravel the source of the fear and to help the patient become more accustomed to their anxiety-inducing triggers. You may never be comfortable around barking dogs, who is, however you won't avoid them.
For many this is enough, but others need drugs to help them have a basic level of calm to operate normally during the course of their therapy. These pills come in two basic types. Some are used to calm a low level anxiety and others are taken when there is a particular high-level anxiety-inducing event (like a barking dog from above). Patients may take both of these types of pills, while others may only take one depending upon their type of anxiety. These products are not solutions to anxiety, merely aids, so patients may only take them for a short period under the direction of a qualified therapist, psychiatrist, or other health professional.
Alex Sutton lives in San Diego with his wife and two kids. For more information please visit anxiety pills.


  1. I knew nothing about anxiety pills. Now I know at least what I should know about such pills. Very useful info. Thanks for sharing knowledge.

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  3. Thanks for the info...I'm guessing that (correct me if I'm wrong) anxiety is also partly caused by natural phobias of certain things.