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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Deal With Caregiver Stress - What You Need To Know About Handling Guilt, Frustration And Anger

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I like to share the story of when I first was introduced to the Bach Flower Remedy. I was skeptical of the perceived advantage of using flower remedies. However, these remedies, plus a couple of other tools have helped me handle obsessions and perfectionism while increasing my self-confidence. Furthermore, using the Bach Flower Remedies has helped my eating disorder recovery and my daughters eating disorder/ anorexia recovery.

I decided to give the Bach Flower Remedies a test. So I purchased the rescue remedy and thought Id use it whenever I felt stressed. My ex-husband, a medical doctor, plus our two daughters packed and went to attend a seminar in Atlanta, Georgia. I decided to store the rescue remedy in my purse. I was not expecting to need to use the remedy. However two days into the seminar, I awoke in the middle of the night to my three year old daughter screaming. She had fallen out of bed and had cut her forehead to the bone on the sharp edge of the night stand. My husband was examining her and directing me to get a cold water soaked wash cloth from the bath room. As I tried to stand up, my legs would not work. I had rubber legs. I thought to myself I am in big trouble; I can't even stand up and walk to the bath room. What am I going to do.? I crawled on my hands and knees towards the bathroom. As I passed the credenza I saw my purse and remembered that I had packed the Bach Flower Remedy.

The name again of the remedy was rescue remedy. I frantically grabbed my purse and dumped it out and found the remedy. All it took were a few drops under the tongue and in moments I began to feel better. I was able to stand and walk into the bathroom, turn on the sink, grab a washcloth and soak it in cold water. I was amazed that I could walk out of the bathroom over to where my daughter laid on the floor in shock. I applied pressure with the wash cloth and soon we were able to gather our clothes to change for the rip to the ER. My other daughter needed to be calmed and the rescue remedy worked for both her and my youngest daughter. We all made it to the emergency room and the doctor saw my daughter immediately.

Well that was my test. I'm still amazed by such a dramatic story, however my family has successfully used the Bach Flower Remedies ever since that time.
It's interesting the same daughter who received stitches is now 30 years old. She is a recovered eating disorder anorexic and perfectionist. I was talking to her the other day and she is now a CPA working in a busy high-powered office. One boss is particularly strict and intimidating. So we are talking and I asked her what kind of techniques or tools do you use to handle the stress of working under a boss like that?

She said, Most time I don't take it personally. I may called him a (----- ) in my head but I'm very nice to his face. In other words she uses the technique of sending them flowers in her imagination after she cancels the names she calls him in her head. She added further, Really mom I find that I love my job and its challenges if I take the Bach Flower Remedies. They help so much.
Then I asked her which ones do you use? And she answered, The one that I love most is Larch.

I asked her what is Larch for, because I noticed in my own life I was not using the Bach Flower Remedies like I had in years past and I had forgotten about Larch . Yet I do have rescue remedy always on hand. My daughters favorite, Larch helps boost self-confidence and overcomes the feeling of not being strong enough to succeed. (Plus this is a great flower remedy for overcoming the lack self esteem that occurs with an eating disorder.) She has found that when she feels self-confidence her need to be perfect takes a back seat in her mind and then she can successfully use her command words let it go.

Oh, I said, that is amazing you are still using the Bach Flower Remedies and the tool of command words after all these years; good for you.

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Finding her own power to change has enabled Dr. Fuller to become a recognized authority on eating disorders and to find personal accomplishment as a painter, author, and in academic research. Fuller is known to her patients as The Surgeon of the Subconscious. Her seventeen years of private practice and teaching at Indian River State College gives her a unique insight into what can work to change ones life.

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