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Thursday, November 12, 2009


By: migueloliveroqs

What exactly is a stroke? A stroke refers to when the brain of an individual results in sudden death of its cells because of insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain. A stroke results when there is deficiency in the blood flow to the brain resulting in abnormal functions of the brain. This blood flow is because of any sort of blockage or rupture of an artery going to the brain.

What can cause a stroke? A stroke can simply be caused due to the blockage of a particular artery of the brain due to some clot formation, which in turn leads to the insufficient supply of both blood and oxygen to the brain. Due to the hardening of the artery, a clot forms in the blood vessel. When this clot places itself in the artery of the brain, it blocks the oxygen rich blood flow to the brain. When there is deprivation of blood or oxygen going to the brain, it could even lead to death.

Some of the symptoms of a stroke is paralyzing of one side of the victims body or weakness. They might even lose complete sensation or movement of the victims arm or leg. Stroke could even result in problems in speech and it could also weaken the muscle on the face of the individual, which could result again in involuntary drooling. Tingling or numbness is also symptoms. A stroke could cause difficulties in breathing and even lead to unconsciousness of the victim.

The risk factors for a person having a stroke are the following few: trauma, family history, high intake of alcohol, cigarette smoking, diabetes, hypertension etc.
Can a stroke be diagnosed? A stroke is a medical condition that needs emergency medical supervision. The patients suffering from a stroke need to be taken immediately for the required treatment and evaluation.

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  1. Thanks for this blog! My dad had a stroke at the age of 49 and he was never able to walk or talk again clearly. He was confined to his bed for over 10 yrs. when he finally passed away. Strokes are very serious and we need to be aware of their causes. Thanks for sharing!