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Monday, November 23, 2009

Depression Medications

By: AnuBose

A few days of feeling sad or depressed does not mean depression. A serious condition that can last months or even years, that's depression. According to various reports as many as fifteen million Americans suffer from this disease. Only about 4.5 million of those people seek help, which is unfortunate. The age- old stereotype associated with mental illness influences many to still avoid admitting they suffer from depression. Depression is a progressive illness. Without attention it will become more and more severe. It cannot be ignored.

A variety of factors, and even combinations of these factors, lead to depression. It can by biological, genetic, physical and emotional. Simple daily life and surroundings are important. Stress and other negative influences have been known to contribute. It takes a lot of knowledge to address a complex issue like depression. We also recognize the intricacy of man's mind. Work continues into the mind and brain and how they work, what makes them tick. It's clear that it's an imbalance of chemical compounds in the brain that creates depression. Researches learn more about this complex series of actions and reactions with passing time. Better treatments come from more knowledge.

Depression can be treated with a host of available medications. Of course the market is full of 'quick fix' antidotes. Make sure the treatment has been studied and scientifically proven to address depression. At one time asylums and mental institutions were filled to the brim with mentally ill people. Fortunately that has all been changed. In 1988 the anti-depressant 'Prozac' first hit the market in the United States. It was proven to work, and thus is still prescribed today even though it can have serious side effects.

Since then a new class of anti-depressants has become popular as well. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, SSRI, are being used today. These include Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro, Celexa, and Luvox. These have limited side effects and have been shown to work. Herbal medications also have a place in this market. The majority of these that have been proven to work as well as the anti-depressants contain the St. John Wort extract ingredient called 'hyperforin'. Some herbal remedies don't contain this ingredient in the proper strength so they don't work. Be careful, do your research and you will find effective medications to treat depression.

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