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Friday, November 20, 2009

Mind Your Sleep Quality

By: janey

Sleep quality is quite an important factor to our overall health, which is known by all of us; while seldom anyone follows the suggested lifestyle in the modern city now. The night life seems more vivid than the days and we dont leave enough time for our body to have a good rest for the next days work or study.
The suggested sleeping hours is 8 hours, and its said that, the less you sleep everyday; your life will be shorted for quite a few days one year. Sounds a little horrible, but its the reality. Even we know all its harm, its more easily said then done. Since in the modern big cities like shanghai, its very common to spend 1-2 hours in the morning to work place, so if you can into deep sleep in the eleven clock in the night, you can barely sleep up to 8 hours if you have to get up in the morning at 7 clock, for many people, the occasion maybe more worse.
So what about sleep more early at 10 clock? Its really hard, since when we get home, its nearly 7pm (thats for my case), and you have to eat supper, do some chores like washing clothing., the 3 hours during 7- 10 is finally belongs to yourself after a long tiring work, you have more other things to attend to besides sleep.
In spite all the excuse, I have made my mind to sleep earier in the night for my health matter. To improve my sleep quality, I must keep my room air fresher. So I would buy some green plants to my home. I wonder what a great sleeping experience if you can sleep in a room with a beautiful garden and fresh air.

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A mug of milk, a nice planter and a fine sleeping bag could improve your sleep quality outdoor.

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