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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nine Symptoms Of Depression

By: Doodles

Depression is a disorder that makes a person feel melancholic and bleak for most of the time. This must not be confused with the usual sadness all of us feel some times.
Those who are depressed may lose interest in the activities they used to enjoy earlier and become unusually slow in thinking and speaking. They have much difficulty in concentrating, remembering, and making decisions. They start changing their eating and sleeping habits and they may begin to feel guilty and unworthy. The affected persons may become occupied with the thoughts of death and/or suicide.

Depression does not discriminate between men and women or between age groups and often it is a genetic disorder. A person can have more than one episode of depression. Each episode helps to have one more episode of depression. The depression can be reduced with counseling, medicine or their combination. At a serious level, the person may need hospitalization.

A person who is going through depression may report feeling sad, empty and or may cry often. The children may display highly irritable nature. The two common signs of depression are sadness and hopelessness along with lack of interest in doing any of the daily activities.

Nine of the common symptoms that represent depression are listed below. If you experience yourself or observe in others five or more of them within a span of two weeks, be sure of reaching out for medical help.

Mood off:
Person may feel bad or totally evacuated with all feelings of life and they tend to show anger on people around.
No interest in life:
Person will feel no interest in any materialistic factors of life and will always have no association with relatives.

Physical imbalance:
Due to depression, weight gain or loss will occur as a response of metabolic cycle changes.

Sleepless ness:
Main symptom and suffering of depression is sleepless ness that cause un relaxed phase in mind which results in continuous thoughts over the mind.

Due to excess of depression person affected will show less active in physical exercise and activity.

Excess depression lead to pain and total loss of energy in the patients.

Feeling of guilt:
Affected person will feel bad about self and feel responsible for every thing happened around him that makes them to disrespect themselves and leads to self hate.

Loss of thought:
Due to depression affected person may even loss the state of concentration and process of analysis for any matter of subject.

Think for death:
Final stage of depression is thought for death. Continuous thinking and self disrespect leads to think for death.

Depression on any problem will occur in every individual life , but excess dose will always makes us to realize the pain of depression, but in other way it help us get motivated. Hence it depends on individual growth pattern and their societal influence.

When the symptoms of depression are recognized, do not ignore them. There are excellent treatment schemes involving both drug as well as counseling, available to remove the suffering of the individual. Since with the high occurrence of the condition across the world, the depression symptoms must be recognized and addressed without undue delay.

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