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Friday, November 27, 2009

Role Of Sauna As A Major Stress Reliever

By: LesleyLyon

A sauna is a small room specially designed to experience wet or dry heat sessions. This has been derived from the Finnish. Finnish Sauna is a part of the Finnish culture. For Finnish people it is a place to spend time with family and friends and they also use sauna as a place for body and mind relaxation. They don't think sauna as a luxury, but as essential. The word sauna is a Finnish word, it refers to traditional Finnish bath and it is meant to describe a hot or moist environment. The people use sauna as a social affair, where people participate in it and temperature set will be over eighty degree centigrade. This helps them in relaxing.

The Finnish used the sauna to cleanse, revitalize or refresh body and mind on daily basis. When the Finns migrated to other places in the world, they introduced their sauna designs and health benefits to others. This helped in development of sauna and this became very popular in recent decades. Many physical education centers, gyms, private and public swimming pools have started including sauna facility. A sauna has different temperature for different seating levels. The temperature will be hotter in higher level bench and moderate in lower level bench. Keeping the sauna door open slightly even or for a few seconds will reduce the temperature and make the place cool. So the door must be closed properly.

Saunas help in stress relief. This is done in two ways, the first one is the natural relaxation experienced at the time of using sauna. The second one that it helps reduce the level of creation of chemicals in the body to keep the stress at bay.

The toxin leaves the skin through the pores while sweating. This happens when the heat is more or less but the sweating is more.

Sauna helps in reducing the body weight. As the sweating is more automatically the body weight will reduce compared to other exercises which help to burn unnecessary fat.

People with some skin problems like acne, skin irritations, scrapes, cuts etc benefits by spending time in the sauna. Due to increase in blood flow, more oxygen and nutrients help to refresh the skin.

When a person is sick or suffering from fever, his body begins to produce white blood cells to fight the sickness. Same course of action will happen; when a person spends his time in a sauna as the body temperature increases.

It provides relief to people who suffer from asthma and chronic bronchitis and also helps to improve joint mobility. It is effective for appetite loss and mild depression. It also helps to produce the hormones in men and boost the production of oestrogen in women. Thus usage of sauna benefits in many ways to all human beings.

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