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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Foods Can Release Stress

By: Jim Brown

Stress is one of the most common fears of many people in this modern and busy life. How to release stress is one of the questions that attract much attention of us. It is impossible to remove stress completely but we can surely control it. Besides many other efficient ways to reduce stress like playing sport, listening to music, paying attention on what you eat every day is also a good way to bring you a life without stress.

What kinds of foods can help you to release stress?

1. Beef

Beef is a kind of food that is very good for your health and provides some vitamins that can help you reduce stress like vitamin B. Beef also has a high amount of iron that can bring you a healthful mind. However, like other foods, you should not eat too much beef or it can cause some bad effects. In order to define a reasonable amount of beef for you body, you should ask advices from doctors or nutrient specialists.

2. Fruits

Fruits are foods that are always good for our health. One of its nice effects is helping us reduce stress. Different kind of fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, etc with many vitamins like E, A, C are foods that are very good for your health. If you do not want to eat those fruits directly, you can use them to make many types of fruit juices. When being made into fruit juices, those fruits still keep essential vitamins and nutrient substances essential for our body.

3. Vitamin B

Vitamins B like B2, B6 and B12 are very good at preventing and removing stress. These vitamins are included in tuna and milk. Do not forget to add these foods into the daily menu of your family if you want to be free from stress. Besides eating natural foods containing vitamin B to reduce stress, you can take tablets of vitamin B which are also very useful for your health.

4. Water

This is a very efficient but cheap method that can help you to reduce stress successfully. Many people forget this magical way. But why does water can help us to release stress? The answer is that: water is a very important substance that takes part in the process of circulation in our body. In this circulation, water will help our body release many poisonous substances which can cause much tress.

Foods with a high level of protein like eggs, milk, meats are very good for your health because protein is one of the basic compositions of cells. However, eating too many foods like that in a day can lead to problems in digestion and cause inconvenient feelings. Therefore, before deciding to eat any food, you should pay attention on defining a reasonable amount for your body.

In order to remove stress from your life, you should not only pay attention to foods that can help you release stress but also should avoid foods that can bring you stress like stimulants (coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, etc).

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