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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Depression In Men -- Don't Miss These Critical Symptoms!

By: Steven Ross

Depression can be exhibited by many different symptoms. These symptoms differ from women who are depressed, compared to depression in men. The causes of depression in men will be a focus of this article, as well as some other information you should be aware of.

Because men are different than women, there are special treatments required to help depression in men. The fact of the matter is that most men in general are not open with their problems, because they feel they need to be seen as the "strong male". In addition, there is a variety of causes of depression in men related to sexual circumstances.

It is important then, because of these unique situations, that men better understand how depression impacts them. Consider the fact that only two out of 10 suicides that take place in the United States are committed by women, while the other eight are committed by men. A man in the middle of his life is three times more likely to commit suicide, and a man who is reaching the age retirement is seven times more likely.

Professional help is never sought by seven out of 10 males who suffer from depression. I'm sure that the high suicide rate among men can be contributed to this fact. But there is an 85% satisfaction report from the 30% of men who do seek professional help to get relief from their symptoms of depression.

The symptoms with which men display depression are also different than women. Typically, a woman who suffers from depression will blame herself, while a man will blame others. Also, women will try to avoid conflict at all cost, while men will actively seek to create them.

You must be aware of these distinctions between men and women. If you can understand the difference relating to depression in men compared to women, you can better evaluate your own symptoms of depression in your life.

If you are male, it is important for you to take a heightened perception of depression, because most men are not aware of when they're depressed. If you're a female who is distressed because there is a male in your life who is depressed, it is important for you to encourage them to seek help.

Depression in men can be treated with a number of different ways. Alterations in diet and exercise, as well as the ability to accept and love themselves and create a sense of purpose in life, are typically ways of achieving this goal.

There are variety of options for different forms of treatment, when dealing with depression in men. These can start with medication prescriptions in combination with psychotherapy. There are also more intensive options, such as group therapy and special depression programs available.

To sum it up, depression in men revolves around certain circumstances. Use this guide to help determine the effects of depression in men, and how it may affect you.

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