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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stopping Anxiety Attacks Before They Start

By: Nick Rodriquez

Anxiety attacks can be a very cruel period for anyone suffering from this disorder. If you have ever suffered this condition, or are undergoing one, you very well know the reality of this statement.

People have tried all methods the world has to offer, just to get some solace from the pain of an anxiety attack. This condition keeps people from living life to the fullest; therefore, anything that is said to work is a big relief to this people, even if from just a psychological point of view.

Identifying and preventing an anxiety attack before it strikes is a major hurdle to all anxiety patients. The triggers do not just facade out of anywhere. They are ingrained in past experiences that take our lives each and every moment.

One of the most helpful tips in reducing anxiety attacks is to practice proper breathing methods. Try to take a small portion of your day just to try this exercise. Take a comfortable position somewhere alone, sit back and relax. Breathe in deeply, count till five and then exhale slowly. Try this exercise 3-4 times a day, every day. Center on the sounds and atmosphere of your constant breath inflowing and exiting your body.

After practicing this technique for a few days, start to think about the conditions that often trigger your anxiety attacks. When the anxiety starts to build up, get back to your breathing method and tell yourself that the situation is controllable. Repeat this process all over again until the situation does not trigger off any attack. Very soon, you will be able to overcome your anxiety condition.

The whole purpose of this exercise is to keep a calm atmosphere through the thoughts that will stress you in normal circumstances. Believing in yourself will surely help you overcome the anxiety attacks.

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