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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Self Help Guide For Parents Coping With Stress

By: Lawrence Pointer

Parenthood for the most part is one of the most rewarding paths that you can tread, however it can cause stress and over time especially with financial concerns worsen if left unchecked. One in three Americans recently polled admitted to suffering with high levels of stress, so you do have roughly a one in three chance that you are too ' even if you did not realise! The recent financial climate will not be helping many to avoid this most crippling of conditions and it has never been a better time to step back, take stock and realise that just coping with stress is no longer acceptable ' you have to remove it as much as possible.

As an estimated 100,000,000 Americans are thought to be suffering with too much stress, do not be ashamed as unfortunately it is widespread. Just begin to understand that you are not alone. In fact, over 100,000,000 Americans according to a recent survey are feeling like they are under too much stress. If you attempt to live a life with too much stress for any length of time, your effectiveness not only at work but at home will be diminished as your body and mind attempts to deal with too much - overload. If left unchecked your excess stress can lead to many negative impacts on both yourself and your family. Removing as much stress from your life has never been more important than it is today for parents in 2009.

Parents that are under continued and prolonged stress are likely to suffer from intolerance and lash out at those closest to them. This could mean that you take it out on your children and your partner. However, the negative effects do not stop there. Your metabolism will begin to slow and you may find yourself indulging in comfort eating that results in a unwanted weight gain, itself only causing you further stress. Your back and neck will start to feel the tension associated with stress. Sleep patterns can be affected, your tolerance diminished whilst you become volatile and this kind of prolonged state can lead further to lower levels of self respect and in severe cases even depression. Learning techniques for not just coping with stress but reducing stress wherever possible could help avoid these problems before they take hold.

Can you relate to any of the behavioural symptoms listed below?

- Weight gain/eating too much?
- Excessive irritability?
- Unable to focus or make decisions?
- Increased or suppressed anger?
- Excessive emotion?
- Lack of interest in those things or hobbies that you once enjoyed?
- Decreased sex drive?

Do you suffer from any of the following physical symptoms?

- Indigestion (A very common symptom of stress)
- Loss of appetite
- Constipation or diarrhoea
- Stomach Cramps
- Muscle cramps or spasms
- Premature ejaculation or Impotence
- Neck and back pain
- More frequent flu's and colds

These lists are no means comprehensive, just some of the more commonly recognised direct effects of living a life with too much stress. Understand that coping with stress is just tolerating it, you need to master the removal of your stressed state from your life. There are resources out there that will help parents learn to reduce excess stress. One of the best things that parents can do is to be sure that they carve out some time for themselves to be able to detox after a long day. If you do not find ways to do that for yourself then you are actually going to be impacting on your effectiveness as a parent.

There are many simple steps that you may take to begin to reduce stress from your life, if you do not already start to exercise regularly or start a new hobby or pastime. Severe stress however may require learning some new skills and techniques to enable you to live your life to the fullest and enjoy the time you have bringing up your children. Whatever it takes, it is important for parents to get help if they need it.

Additionally, do not feel that you have to handle all of this on your own. There are many different programs and new stress reduction courses on the market that can help you learn to balance your life. Participating in one of these programs may actually prove to be one of the best investments that you could make for yourself and your family this decade! Programs that can...

* Eliminate the effects of stress, creating a happier lifestyle

* Increase your metabolic rate, giving you more energy and lose unnecessary weight gain

* Discover how to strengthen your relationships with your family and loved ones

* Discover how to use simple exercises to reduce stress

* Reach a much deeper sense of relaxation and much much more.......

The good news is that there is help out there for reducing stress, and you do not have to let the stress take over your life! It may take a little research to find the best stress reduction program to suit your needs but know that reducing stress - not coping with stress is paramount for both mental and physical health. How good would you really feel if you had a life with no stress!??

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