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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Panic Attacks, Anxiety Disorder And Prevention

By: Christoffer X Altesino

Anxieties make us feel edgy and nervous. So people get panicky that way. And when panic attacks, anxiety disorder might lead to heart attacks in extreme cases. Impacts of panic attacks can very from person to person.

While some patients feel dizzy, others suffer chest pains. There are also patients who feel that they will faint anytime. Anxiety disorders are not the most enjoyable things in the world, there are easy ways to deal with your panic attacks, anxiety disorder and symptoms related to it.

Your first step to fight off panic attacks is to recognize symptoms related. So how do you know the symptoms are akin to that of an anxiety disorder? The most common symptoms are-
Fear of facing sudden doom,
Breathing difficulties,
Overly racing heart,
Too much of sweating,
Lack of focus and confidence,
Chocking sensations,
Pains and rigid feels in the chest,
Dry mouth,
Stomach problems (like nausea, or diarrhea), and so on.

And you should know that the gross time is 30 minutes between the appearance and disappearance of these symptoms. So start by identifying and curing your panic attacks symptoms.

Secondly, it is important that you master the art of relaxation. There are a range of relaxation techniques today. The most prominent ones are -

Diaphragmatic breathing,
Visualization, and
The '1' Move Technique

For instance, diaphragmatic breathing happens to be an effective technique that has traditionally been used for curing panic attacks for decades. What you do here is simply breathing deeply through your nasal outlets and getting your abdomen (along with your diaphragm) to take part in it.

When you inhale, you're supposed to stay focused by upholding your body's energy supply as well as positive thoughts.

As for another instance, you must keep on researching on the variety of techniques to find out which one is best for you. Take the instance of the '1' Move Technique for another instance, is a proven method that has helped tens of thousands of panic anxiety sufferers over the years.

Utilizing conventional therapy is yet another technique. But not all people are equally benefited by typical therapies. This is because there are a range of unique factors that people have in them. So it is safe to talk to a doctor. Panic attacks, anxiety disorders and similar stress problems can be wrestled with - they have to be diverted to positive influences!

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