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Friday, November 20, 2009

What is Male Depression?

By Rudy Chong
Depression in men is often different than depression in women because men react to their own depression differently. Men typically do not respond well to feeling out of control of their own emotions. This causes them to become aggressive or easily agitated. They may go into a rage with little or no provocation at all. Men are also more likely to engross themselves in something other than where the problem lies. For example, if the depression is brought on by problems at home, a man is more likely to get really involved in work and work long hours. He may also get obsessed with a hobby or sport when he is not at work. Men also tend to become self-destructive. They will engage in activities like excessive drinking or drug use. They may involve themselves in meaningless affairs or one-night stands to escape.
Men are much less likely to seek help for their depression. This includes close friends and family. Depression is often seen as a weakness, and a problem only women have. It is a huge step for a man to admit he is suffering from depression. He is more likely to ignore the problem, and drown himself in other activities. A huge indicator of depression in men is a sudden change in behavior or a sudden increase in drinking.
Depression in men should not be taken lightly. Although men are not more likely than women to attempt suicide, men are more often successful while attempting suicide. Women are typically afraid of pain even when trying to end their own lives. That is why women are more likely to try to overdose on drugs or cut their wrists to kill themselves. Men are more likely to do something they see as being quick and easy, such as shooting or hanging themselves, which are much more effective.
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