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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shyness: 5 Tips On How To Stop Suffering From Shyness

By: Sandra Jacobs

There are many people who are shy. After all, it's not easy to go up to someone you don't know and just say hi. Speaking in front of a crowd can also be difficult if you suffer from shyness. However, if you're a person who suffers from being shy, chances are you'd like to know how to stop being shy so that you may live your life. You probably believe that you'll be shy forever but that's just not true.

How can you overcome shyness? In fact it only takes five simple steps. These steps can make you into a more outgoing person. So what are these steps?

Five Simple and Useful Tips On How To Stop Being Shy

How To Stop Being Shy Tip 1 Identify the Problem

If you want to overcome your shyness the first thing you have to do is decide that it is a problem for you. After that you can begin to move forward with getting over your shyness. Doing this can help you in both you social and professional lives.

Suffering In Silence

When you're in a crowded room, you probably look around and wonder how people who are not shy can stand to be in a crowd. You probably let the world pass you by as a shy person. You don't care to meet new people in this kind of state; although meeting new people would be nice, if only you weren't too shy. You are also likely to have communication problems because you are afraid of embarrassing yourself.

How To Stop Being Shy Tip 2 Determination to Learn

It is vital to learn how to overcome you shyness because it is no doubt holding you back from living the life you want. But it is not easy to overcome shyness because it is already built into you psychological makeup. Breathlessness is a common side effect of trying to do things to overcome shyness. When you're focused on beating the shyness feeling, you can overcome your problem.

Stop Being Shy Tip 3 - Conversation Topics

It does not take a very smart person to come up with a way to overcome shyness. One simple method is to practice talking to people by preparing conversational topics and trying to think yup what you might say to someone. Yes, it does sound silly but it's actually a very effective tool when you want to overcome being shy.

How To Stop Being Shy Tip 4 Don't Hide Your Shy Problem

If you want to try and overcome shyness it is important to accept that it has become a problem for you. Make it clear that you have a shyness problem and are trying to learn how to stop being shy.

Tip 5 to Stop Shyness - Have a Drink

Many shy people arrive wound up at parties. One way to loosen up a bit would be to have one or two drinks of alcohol. While not a real advisable way to start a conversation, it will help to loosen your tongue a bit.

Overcoming shyness is possible with the 5 steps above if you are willing to work on them. While drinking is helpful, it shouldn't be the only way you loosen your tongue and ease your mind.

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