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Monday, November 23, 2009

Type Of Depression

By: AnuBose

Depression is a complicated illness. Depression is a disease that can linger and progress for months and years without detection . It's known that some 15 million people in America will be impacted by some type of depression each year. 2/3 of these people, according to estimates, won't seek treatment. Often the sufferers don't even know they're sick. Every day stress
is common in the modern world. It has become harder and harder to deal with the every day obstacles of life. Many families are surviving week to week. Trouble in the economy has made it more difficult than ever to keep a good job. Stress can give birth to depression.

Common factors can lead to different types of depression. Depression is often the result of substance abuse. Rather it is alcohol or drug abuse, both has shown evidence to depression. The death of a family member can increase the chance for depression. History hasn't been kind to mental depression. Prior to mental illness being recognized as a disease it was considered by many to be a personal defect. There was very little treatment offered. Every stage of depression has its ill affects. Therefore treatment requires early detection.

Countless types of depression exist. Many of the types have similar names and meanings. There is mental depression, medical depression, clinical depression and manic depression. There is also severe depression that alludes to the final stages of the disease. Depression can result from a variety of causes. One school of thought holds that it's due to chemical imbalances, simple biology. Depression can also be caused genetically from your family history. If your mother and great grandmother suffered depression it's possible you will too.

When depression becomes severe depression then medical care is a must. When depression has reached this level then the thought of suicide is ever apparent. The calls for assistance weren't answered and now the chance to solve the problem is fading. Medications and therapy combine for a working treatment. There are also support groups that offer a helping hand. You can also find many natural herbal medications that have been proven effective in clinical studies. There are options available to those who suffer from all types of depression. If you or someone you love are experiencing symptoms of lingering depression please consult a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment.

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