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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Genetic Depression

By: Jacob Brown

There are endless theories about the cause of depression, but it all boils down to three big ones: genetics, brain chemistry, and stress. While each one of these can exist on its own, one thing is certain: If you have a genetic predisposition to depression, then there's a greater chance that if you will end up with a chemical imbalance or in a stressful environment, then you'll be more likely to develop a depressive disorder.

Here's one opinion on how genetics can be responsible for causing depression and how strongly it can then affect the other two causes (brain chemistry and environment): A certain gene (which can be passed down from one or both parents) prevents the brain from producing enough serotonin, a chemical which regulates mood. Until the level of serotonin is raised back up to normal, the person will feel depressed. If this is the case, then a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) like Paxil, Prozac, or Zoloft, for example, could help tremendously to increases serotonin levels, restore chemical balance, and make up for the gene's deficient role.

We can't escape our genes-at least not yet. The good news is that research is constantly being done about identifying genetic markers, which means that one day in the future, genetic depression will be eliminated.

The one thing we know about depression-genetic or otherwise-is that sufferers of depression and beat and treat depression. Antidepressants treat depression no matter the cause (generally), though it is also true that genetic or biological depression may be harder to treat with psychotherapy than environmental depression which is caused by an overload of external stresses.

When you ask a depressed person why they're depressed and they just don't know the answer, then the cause is likely due to genetic or biological reasons. Buy Zoloft or buy Paxil to help you overcome this genetic gap-your genetics may define you, but they don't need to consume and trap you under that dark cloud forever. Medication can help you treat what your genes may lack-you deserve to be happy!

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