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Friday, November 20, 2009

How To Release Stress With Humor Therapy

By: Bryan len

Many people have made a career of getting stressed up! The whole world knows that laughter is therapeutic because a good laugh makes you feel better, instantly.

Benefits Of Laughter

1.Lowers blood pressure
2.It is absolutely free
3.Stimulates the release of endorphins (happy hormones) which are known as the bodys natural pain killing medicine
4.Gives a feeling of well-being
5.Boosts the immune system functions because it raises the level of infection-battling T-cells
6.Increases the levels of disease-fighting proteins known as Gamma-interferon
7.Reduces stress levels
8.It has absolutely no side effects
9.It brings down barriers and help people get along
10.Makes you look more attractive even if you are not so physically attractive
11.Relaxes tense muscles
12.Delays the aging process

Most hospitals have decided to add humor therapy to their healing programs. Humor is a universal language or have you heard anyone laugh in a different language before?

Even if you are going through trying times in your life humor can you a positive insight towards your present problem if we face it with the humor eye. Laughing off your problems can actually make you feel safe and secure.
Have you noticed that it is easier to smile and laugh? It takes a lot of effort to frown and dont forget that scowling automatically adds ten years to your real age and not to mention that it makes you look butt ugly!

How To Release Stress Through Humor

1)Blow your most annoying problems way out of proportion, because there are times that you just dont feel like laughing at the situation you have found yourself but this is the time that you need to laugh. The best way to laugh at your problems is to blow it way out of proportion because when you are relaying the absurd details to your friends and the story reaches a certain point where it becomes funny to you, for instance, you could say how could I have been so stupid to have trusted that man? He had shifty eyes, I should have known that he was a thief, I could have sworn that I saw smoke come out of his ass when he was running away with my purse

2)Share funny stories with members of your family and friends; doing this will no doubt relieve you of stress and tension and strengthen your relationship with your family and friends. It can also improve your communication skills as well, because it takes a good story teller to communicate funny story and make other people laugh in the process.

3)Watch funny programmes on television or read books and magazines that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

4)If you can afford it, go to places like comedy clubs or shows. Going to these places can help you deal with stress; you will notice that you will always look forward to visiting these places (especially if you have made it a thing that you do for yourself once in a while).

You can be the first to organise a humor meeting (once in a week) at your place of work, where you invite people to tell jokes and share funny stories.

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