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Friday, November 13, 2009

Your Emotions Cause Disease, How Can You Control Emotions In Your Live?

By: Healthy_Woman

Emotions are one of the most important part of human life and enrich our lives. Emotins are specifically feelings cause by change in physiological conditions relating to the autonomic and motor functions. Emotions are often impuls to act, their quality strongly affects the quality of what we do. They let you know how you feel about things - happy, angry, sad, excited, jealous.

Emotions tell us what is going on and makes life more interesting and colorful. Your emotions are always a result of the reaction to the environment, people or circumstances around you. Its okay to have feelings, and to even get angry, but how you express, or dont express that anger. You should recognize its existence and give it the attention it needs.

If your lives are threatened, you need to fight, or run away. The most fundamental emotional response - our fight or flight mechanism. It sends a rush of adrenaline around the body, raises your heart rate, stops your digestion, make your life uncomfortable. Why you couldnt control your emotions?

Here are steps to handle and control your emotions

# Think before you react. People often loss temper and make the wrong decisions or take adverse actions. You emotions tend to switch your bring off and you can not think right. Think about the consequences your actions might have on your near future. Learn to analyze the whole situation before you react.

# Change in pattern- The best way to overcome wrong emotions is to change your mental pattern and how you react to a specific situation. You can use thoughts that benefit and enrich your life, and those around you.

# Increase your awareness of and look out for moments when you feel an irrational thought coming on. You need to focus all your attention on the sunny side of life to attract joyful emotional energies within yourself.

# The medication greatly affect your emotional balance and are capable to create great emotional disturbances, emotional stress and depression within mankind.

# Choose the right time and the right place to express your emotion. Controlling your emotions doesnt mean ignoring them. It means you recognize them and act on them when you deem it appropriate, not randomly and uncontrollably,

# You manage to upkeep an open connection to God all the time. God wants make things right in His way. God doesnt want to use your feelings to do unconstructive things, but constructive things.

Control your emotions gives you the tools you need. You also be able to access all energy you need to take action. You will build up a new instinctive for response to crisis and challenge which makes the best use of your emotional responses.

Often its hard to do it yourself. If all fails, try discussion from a supportive psychologist or therapist.

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