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Thursday, November 12, 2009

How To Overcome Anxiety And Fear

By: ter1000

Extreme nervousness and apprehension, excessive worrying and obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, anxiety attacks and panic attacks, irrational fears and phobias, even severe depression - are all based on anxiety and fear.

Millions of people spend a lifetime searching for the answer to these problems. Many undergo therapy or take medication for years, often with little success.

They can seem impossible to deal with and make us feel that we'll never be free... but it doesn't have to be like this.

With the right knowledge it is possible to cure all these problems completely.

There is one way to truly overcome anxiety and fear, here it is:-

1. Grade things that cause you anxiety on a scale from 1-10 (more if you need to).
10 = situations / circumstances / compulsions / thoughts / tasks etc. that cause only very mild anxiety. 1 = the most terrifying.

2. Start with number 10.
Feel the anxiety, let it happen and control it by accepting it and relaxing. Note that here it is very important that you actually have anxiety, feel it and feel yourself control it. The goal is not to be anxiety free, everyone has anxiety but for some of us we have become more sensitive to it. The aim is to experience a small amount of anxiety at the lowest level and learn that we can control it. To feel ourselves control it.

3. Move to level 9.
Do the same as before. Feel the anxiety and feel yourself controlling it.

4. Gradually move up through the levels.
Only move to the next level when you have mastered taking control at each level. Remember, nobody in this world has no anxiety - it is part of being human. Taking control is feeling scared but remaining calm, not letting it progress to panic.

This is no magic method or trick. It is based on how we work as humans how everybody develops confidence naturally

Picture a young child, full of apprehension, approaching the (big, scary) ocean for the first time. First they let the water cover their feet; then, when they feel more confident they move deeper, up to their knees. As confidence grows, they move up to their waist ... and so on.

We are doing nothing more. In the above we are simply breaking huge fears into smaller manageable parts and growing confident step-by-step.

In psychology, this is known as systematic desensitisation and using it, a good psychologist can often cure someone with a specific phobia in a matter of hours.
It's possible to take a spider phobic from being petrified of looking at pictures of spiders to being able to allow big hairy (but harmless) spiders crawl over their hands. It is this successful because it utilizes the very way we work as humans in becoming confident.

When used in conjunction with other methods to reduce anxiety symptoms (mental and physical), it is possible to turn anxiety and fear into confidence.

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By Terry Dixon, founder of and author
of Evolving Self Confidence: How to
Become Free from Anxiety Disorders and Depression.

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