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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Causes of Low Self Esteem

The causes of low self esteem are wide and varied, but no matter in how much of a small way it can affect a persons life, it is there all the same. The big question is how we deal with it when it arises and to determine the start of when you began to feel this way. Sometimes any feeling of low self esteem can be built up over time or just happen without warning. A persons confidence can be as fragile as a piece of glass when certain things happen in life.
Some of the causes of low esteem can lead to momentary lapses in a persons confidence to a massive hole being left in their lives. Someone saying the wrong word, making a wrong decision in business, a break up in a relationship or even losing a loved one are all situations which are causes of low self esteem. It can be overcome in a short space of time or linger and last for what seems like a lifetime. It is remembering how you felt prior to feeling this sense of low self esteem that may be the clue in re-discovering your self esteem.
You can fall into the trap into feeling that things are worse than they really are and before you know it, you get dragged into a never ending battle against this feeling of low self esteem. There are times when things happen in ones life that can have a devastating effect and you cannot just shrug it off and your self esteem will be deeply affected. It will then take time to get it back to how it once was.
A humans recovery to almost anything emotional is quite remarkable, even in the most extreme cases. It will take time to get over events that are deep and emotional to you, but as I am sure you have heard many times before, time is a great healer. On the other hand, you can gain back your self esteem as quick as you lost it in most cases. While it is not always intentional, we can sometimes make mountains out of molehills and what seems like something serious to you, might seem like nothing to the next person. The causes of low self esteem is mainly the result of something missing from your life and if you are determined to solve this issue, there is always something to look forward to in life and that should always be a comfort to anyone.
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