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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

 By Marcy Amaro

100 days ago, I started on a journey thinking I knew where it would take me. It turned out to be so much more than I anticipated. Sharing my experience seems, to me, the most fitting way to end this adventure. Hoping this my 100th article will prove an inspiration to some, a challenge to many, and a lesson to all.
When I began this journey, I just wanted to find a way to get leads for my business that would not cost me a dime (since I didn't have one). I had developed this depressing, nearly defeated attitude. I was always snappy and angry. I was a bit mad at the world, felt like I had been dealt a raw hand. But, I knew I needed to make this new business work, not for me, but for my family.
I am an English major, so adopting article marketing as my go-to marketing strategy seemed the logical choice. Of course I had no idea what I was venturing in to. 1000 word articles, poorly selected keywords that I could NEVER rank for in the organic searches, self-sabotaging thoughts as I watched day after day go by with no results!
In the middles of this process, I started reading the work of two authors whom have really changed my life: Andy Andrews and Napoleon Hill. From Andrews I learned to stop blaming others for my past. I have a choice to make, and it was MINE to make, not anyone else's. From Hill, I learned to remind myself not to quit three feet from gold, and how important it is to"see" your goal materialized before it can actually come to be.
The end result, this is my 100th article. I started getting consistent leads around day number 65 or so. But, the lessons I learned about myself and about my ability to stick to something has been the most significant.
I challenge you to create for yourself a challenge of doing something you don't think you can ever accomplish, and then DO IT. Prove yourself, and the rest of the world, wrong. You CAN, You WILL, You MUST!!! Never give up, never surrender!
Marcy Amaro is the owner and creator of You too can have the time and resources to focus on what's really important and enjoy life once more! Find out how at

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