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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Only Limitation to Achieving Our Dreams - Us

 By Ashvini Saxena
If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.
--Thomas Alva Edison
Many of the people I talk to say to me "It's great that you have started on your own, but I do not have courage/capability/ technical know-how/money etc. to fulfill my dreams".
To them, my question is who ever had them all or even some of the things that you talk about? Only a very few. Only a very few of us were born in families that gave them a head start. Most of us represent the middle class around the world. If we take a look at the leaders today ( the leaders we admire for honesty, integrity and social services), most of them were in the middle class before they really became what they are.
I have met people who  are not jealous though envious of every man they meet, who is trying to move out of the grind. They hope that one day, even they would have the courage to step forward and do the things they wanted to do. Unfortunately, they are held back by their own fears. They are afraid that once they move out of  for example 'the secure job', they will never be able to come back. They are afraid of the family's or society's non-acceptance of their venture. They are scared of taking the new path which they know is rewarding but the uncertainty of taking it, stops them.
Most of the time, their dream remains a dream. They may not reach the destination they desired because of the circumstances but how can they ever think of reaching there, if  they never ever started ( unless they have a Genie who takes them there).
"Never starting out means never reaching there"
I once found about Nick Vujicic on the internet while I too was looking for some motivation. He is an extraordinary person who despite enormous odds is living the life to the fullest. He has never cared for what he did not have. He went ahead and did almost everything that a normal person can or would do. He is inspiration to everyone. And I think, all of us can learn a lot from him.
I asked myself that day, I have everything that is needed. My body is intact and my mind is working. But I am down in despair. Why is this happening to me?
"  When we dream about something, the only thing that stands between us and completing that dream is 'US' "
Another impediment we have towards achieving our dream, is that like with any other 'job',we can reach our destination in a linear progression. Most of the time, it is not. Though world does not obey you but it listens to you. If you keep your sights to the target and even though the route may be circuitous and difficult, you will probably reach there.
So to achieve your dreams you have to
  • first identify your dream
  • buckle up and get ready
  • Plan how would you reach your dream
  • Set up a time frame
  • If you cannot reach it in the time frame, do not stop and keep trying
  • Have a lot of patience
  • Work hard to reach your dream
I hope you are inspired and ready to make your dream come true.
If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.
Hi, My name is Ashvini Kumar Saxena. I am an entrepreneur and consultant. I have 11 years of corporate experience in handling multiple projects. I am also business owner. I would like to share my experiences in my field with you

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