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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Ability To Smile Beyond Pain

 By Jake Langston


Most people who suffer from negative thinking so not make major progress in their own lives. This people are said to suffer from analysis paralysis which affects their rate of development in their lives. This implies that if you are a person and not making any successful progress then you are suffering from negative thinking which always affects your development.
You can be able to alleviate negative thinking from you, If engage in positive thinking, all you need to do is to look on the brighter side of every condition, even though it is difficult when you first engage in it but after sometime you will find it has developed into a tradition.
For example you are stuck in traffic jam and it seems the vehicle are not moving, the best thin is to look out of the window and see which stores are the best to shop in an which stores are full at the that time and why they are preferred by many.
This may assist you in future when your friend think of putting up a business and you are trying to locate a strategic position where you can place it.
Smile, smile, smile, by smiling every time no matter how complicated the situation is, it will not only keep you in high spirits but will also make the people around you want to interact with you.
You can be able to turn a cursed day that seems terrible to you to a day that will appear as a day to remember through thinking positively.
Many publications such as books and articles have been written about positive thinking and how you can take control of your mind, but reading this publications has no effect on you unless you decide to practice what has been stated in the publications.
You can easily change if you try, Its never too late to take control of your destiny, you can so it so long s you decide to engage in positive thinking and making it a habit then you take control of each and every action that you do.
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