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Monday, November 15, 2010

Helping Your Child Deal with Social Phobia

 by gonzaga.marco


A child riddled with social phobia also known as social anxiety disorder is not just your typical “shy” kid. If your instincts are nagging you that your child's timid behavior exceeds that which is commonly perceived as ordinary, then act immediately. Coping with anxiety is even more difficult if the child is seriously encumbered with social phobia. As in majority of cases, without any assistance from parents and teachers, a child with social phobia would not simply outgrow or overcome his/her condition by himself/herself. Your serious attention and dedication to helping your child deal with his/her anxiety along with his/her teacher's cooperation and treatment from a medical specialist would be his/her salvation. Here are the important things you can do to help your socially anxious child.

If your child is very young, read him/her books concentrating on the topics of shyness, self-esteem, and bullying. For older children, you can encourage them to read about these materials which you yourself would pick.

Be more demonstrative of your affection. It would be best if you could show your appreciation for your child's compliments by being generous with praise. This would help boost the child's self-esteem.

Helping your child face his/her fears should be done with much encouragement from you. Do not employ undue pressure on the child to get over their fears quickly. Encourage him/her to face and focus on overcoming them one at a time.

Look for helpful school programs intended for helping children with the same condition as your child. If none are available, suggest to your child's school administrators to adopt such programs.

Subject your child to the assistance of a credible medical expert (psychiatrist, psychologist, etc.).

It would be better if you would discuss the situation with your child's teachers and have them get involved with the treatment plan.

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