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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Met Mr. Fear and Won

by jac marinchek


 I Met Mr. Fear and Won

Last night I met Mr Fear. It"��s funny now. But, believe me, last night it was anything but funny. Mr Fear came from no where. Before I knew it I was in a cold sweat.


The first attack was around 9pm. I was working under a deadline and there were some articles I needed to hammer out and have ready by the following morning.

The subject I was dealing with dealt with a problem that I personally had for many years. Emotionally it was very challenging for me. During the process of trying to finish this writing job, pictures of failure kept flashing before my mind.

That old Black Magic

 I was getting hammered, "��You can"��t do this thing. Who do you think you are?"�� Stuff like that. I was really feeling like "��little me"��, if you get my drift.

Before I realized it, it was 11:55 pm and I had only one lousy paragraph written. Sweat began running down my face. Yeah, you have it"��I was scarred.  Mr Fear, I have no doubt, was really getting off on my situation. Because, he kept giving it to me.

Took a  Break

So what did I do? Well, I tell you what I did. I left my desk and walked over to a comfortable chair and stretched out. I did some free dive breathing. That"��s right, "��Free Diver. If you want to go deep into the water for a good distance, you have to preserve your oxygen. I am talking about diving without an oxygen tank. Yeah, just using your own breath"��Counting 1-4-long slow breaths. It slows down the heart rate.

Then I did dynamic positive visualization. I pictured myself "��doing"�� this thing, the project I was trying to finish. Then I said to myself,"��The heck with it..just do it"��.

I got up from the chair and went back to my desk and started pounding the type keys. Guess what? Before I knew it, I had the ?!!"��"��-??!!c thing done. And, if I don"��t say so myself, this project I did was one of the best articles I had written in a long time.

Keep pushing!

Sometimes, when you are forced to push the edge of the envelope, it pays to just put your head down and blast away. The power of your subconscious normally will provide the end result you want if you don"��t hold back and let fear cripple you. I met Mr. Fear and won.

You can use this strategy for just about anything you want to do. I don"��t care who you are, depending on your confidence level, there are times when you will be hit with self-doubt and fear. This is what we mean by busting out and leaving your comfort zone. It"��s these small victories that add up to giving you a shot at really going after your- larger than life- big goals.

Jack Marinchek is publisher of Stand for Your Greatness Here you'll find inspiration and information for people facing the challenges of personal and professional transformation.

Additionally, you will find highlights of both short fiction and martial arts.

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