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Monday, November 8, 2010

Enhancing your creative powers with mindmapping

 by Avezah


Creativity is an important element of our life. Man’s evolution from a cave man to the present day modern man, who walks into space, is entirely due to the use of the limitless power of creativity. It is creativity that gave rise to various inventions. Without this ingenious power, it would not have been possible for man to make such strides in science. Creativity is looking at an idea, principle, concept or perception in an altogether new dimension.

Creativity is seen as ‘right’ brained activity. Most creative people have certain common qualities. They are normally risk takers, rebellious, absent-minded, humorous, focused, preoccupied, determined, and so on.

Although creativity is inherent in each one of us, we hardly explore this inborn ability in us. We can explore our creative skills by working on ‘programmed thinking’ methods such as Attribute Listing, Morphological Analysis, Reframing Matrix and so on. Essentially these methods involve mixing of properties, components and elements and finding solutions for such combinations.

Lateral thinking is another renowned creative method and includes Brainstorming, Random Input and Provocation. These methods deliberately steer clear of the familiar thinking patterns and seek new ways of perceiving things. Random Input uses nouns from unrelated fields for connecting one thinking pattern to another. It is ideal for kindling new line of thoughts when you get stuck. Provocation resorts to the use of crazy, wild and illogical ideas for stimulating new line of thoughts and ideas.

Basically, in lateral thinking judgment and criticism are abandoned and ideas and concepts are given a free flow. All these different methods can help enhance your creative skills.

A simple and effective technique that powers your creative thinking is Mindmapping technique. Mind Maps lends itself for all kinds of mental activity such as Attribute Listing or Morphological Analysis, Reframing Matrix and others. Since Mind Mapping technique is designed to kindle cognitive skills, it is highly useful for all forms of creative activity and any thinking process in general.

Since Mind Mapping allows a free and full flow of thoughts and associations, the method is apt for stimulating creativity. It brings our dormant thoughts to the surface through use of associations and related links.

Mind Mapping indeed is the easiest method to enhancing your creative abilities. Constant application of the technique under a variety of situations will further trigger your creative thinking capabilities.


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