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Monday, November 15, 2010

Anxiety and its various Forms

 by michaelrussell56
Anxiety is an abnormal psychological condition which is governed by some behavioral, somatic, cognitive and emotional components which leads to the generation of sad feelings which are known as worry and fear by us. Anxiety is also related with symptoms like pain in chest, Nausea, irritability, stomach and headaches. The cognitive component helps the human body to deal or tackle the possible dangers. The somatic components of the body helps the body to deal with the emergency situations. The symptoms of any abnormality in the somatic component are shivering, high blood pressure, Heavy sweating, Pale skin etc.

The main symptom of Anxiety is a panic attack. Although it is not found in every patient suffering from anxiety yet it is the most common. The panic attacks do not have any warning sign. They generate a feeling of fear in the patient. The patient with panic attack things that hi/her life is no more or he is going to die within a very short span of time. The emotional symptoms of anxiety includes guilty and embarrassment. The physical symptoms for anxiety are chest pain, nausea, digestive disorders etc. The anxiety disorders other than the panic attack are the phobias, social anxiety disorder, separation anxiety disorder. The person suffering phobia anxiety disorder scares from a certain condition. The patient knows that the fear is without any reason but he has no control over his disorder. The fear in such a patient is so intensed that he can jump out from the running car after watching a cockroach inside the car. Separation anxiety is the fear of getting separated from your dearest person. This type of anxiety is very common in kids but it is also found in adults. Separation anxiety is a phase of psychological development in the children but if it become over excessive then it turns into a disorder. In social anxiety disorder a person hesitates to join a crowded place. The patient suffers from inferiority complex. Such peoples suffers from stage phobia because they are scared of standing in front of the people. The Anxiety medication can completely diagnose the patient.
The main symptoms of Anxiety are panic attacks, Phobias and manias. Anxiety is a curable disease. It can be completely diagnosed with the help of Anxiety Medication.


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  1. Social anxiety is terrible because it makes a person's life miserable. As a sufferer myself, I am struggling to be free from this condition. Does hypnotherapy helps?