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Friday, November 12, 2010

Making A Plan For Success

by Marc J Davis


 Do you find that you keep setting the same goals over and over again without ever achieving them?

Getting what you want can be much easier and faster if you have the right tools.  By following the strategy below, you will get focused, have purpose and finally accomplish those goals.

Prepare to get motivated and get things done.

What Does It All Mean?

Describe in a just a few words your purpose.  If you're not sure, think about the things you love to do.  Think about how you like to do things.  Maybe you are someone who figures things out or who makes connections between people.  Maybe it's something completely different.  Thing about what makes you uniqe and write it down.  Keep it very short.

Where Are You Headed?

Articulate your vision.  Will you be the number 1 real estate person in your company?  Are you on your way to finding the love of your life?  It might be something completely different, but whatever it is, make it big.  And make it something that really inspires you to get out of bed in the morning.  It can be a little scary too.  You don't have to know how this vision will unfold and be fulfilled, it just has to something life altering that you are willing to commit yourself to.

Landmarks Along The Way

The best way to plan and acheive a goal is start with the ending destination and work your way backward.  When you have your vision (your destination), you then need milestones, which are the major destination points on along your path.  If you're on your way from California to Washington state and you don't pass through Oregon, you're taking the long way to get there.  It's the same with milestones.  You have them so you know you're heading in the right direction.

Create an Action Plan

An action plan is made up of small steps or tasks that are focused, measurable, doable, related to your ultimate goal or vision and have a deadline. Each step in the plan gets you closer to the fulfillment of the next milestone.

Get Started

Begin your action plan.  Start doing the items one by one.  Even if you only did one or two items per day or even per week, you would eventually get to your milestone and ultimately your vision or goal.  Be persistent.  If you fail initially on a task, don't let that be a reason to stop.  Be flexible.  Life can get in the way sometimes.  If you do get stopped, start going again.  You don't have to be quick, but you must keep going.

Acknowledge The Ground You Are Taking

Share your successes.  You have results every day.  Every one of those results is a step along the way to achievement of your goal, but not every one of them seems like it is.  The more you share the results that feel purposeful and on target, the more you'll see how every result has it's purpose in your overall scheme.  Achievement takes momentum and distinguishing positive outcomes creates momentum.

It's Happening Now

Plan and prepare to win.  Your goal is in progress now and it's only a matter of when, not if.  What will be different when the goal is accomplished?  Be ready to operate effectively within that new equilibrium.  It's different than what you're used to.  Learn now how you will need to be.

Don't Indulge Anyone's Doubts

When you achieve goals (which you now do), you have little if any time for those that cannot get beyond their own doubts about everything.  A doubt is nothing more than pointing out a negative view of something.  When you are a goal achiever, you focus on the positives and expand on what is working.

Don't Fear Your Own Uncertainty

Everyone has fears and doubts.  If you are inspired and have confidence, fear and doubt are just the other side of the coin.  Don't dwell on fear and doubt.  Have them, but express the other side of the coin.

Use Your "Human" Resources

Begin to notice those people in your life that inspire and support you.  Share with them what you are committing yourself to.  Listen for there success in return.  There is a lot of power in this kind of cooperative support.  Use it.

The bottom line is that whatever you  are focused on in your life will expand and you'll get more of it.  Using these ideas will help get you focused on what you want rather than what you don't want in your lfe.

Those who regularly achieve their goals know that it's not a one-time activity but a way of being.  If you can enjoy the process you'll be less concerned about the result.  This is when achieving the results gets easy.

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