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Monday, November 29, 2010

People With High Self-Esteem Don't Let Themselves Be Walked Over

 By Liv Miyagawa


Building self-esteem is not only about learning to accept and love yourself, it is also about respecting yourself. People with high self-esteem don't let themselves be walked over by others. They don't accept bad treatment because know that they are worth better.
People with low self-esteem don't expect people to treat them well because they expect others to view them in the same negative way as they view themselves. People with high self-esteem on the other hand expect to be treated well. They expect others to listen to them, care about them and treat them with fairness. In short, people with high self-esteem expect others to treat them as valuable human beings because that is what they consider themselves to be.
To raise your self-esteem you have to make sure that you don't let yourself be walked over by others. When you are mistreated you need to show yourself enough self-respect to tell the person who treated you badly to stop. You should not accept to be called names or spoken to in a degrading way and you should not accept to be ignored. If you don't do anything to show that you don't accept bad treatment you show yourself and others that you are not worth better than that. To raise your self-esteem you need to stand up for yourself.
If you do not respect yourself, nobody else will. Because people with high self-esteem respect themselves the people around them respect them as well. Self-respect and self-esteem is admired by others because everybody wishes to feel as people with high self-esteem feel and to have what they have. By respecting yourself you will gain respect from others.
Liv Miyagawa - The Self-Esteem Coach
Self-Esteem Coach Liv Miyagawa helps adults who want high self-esteem. She can help you to raise your self-esteem to become happier, more energetic and less stressed. Liv Miyagawa can fill you with motivation and inspiration. Apart from through personal self-esteem coaching, Liv Miyagawa can help you to raise your self-esteem through group coaching, self-esteem distance courses, home study materials and other self-esteem resources. She is also the author of The Self-Esteem Toolbox, a book full of self-esteem exercises to boost your self-esteem. Build higher self-esteem

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  1. Not being walked over can either be a tactic to raise self esteem or a sign of high self esteem. I find that willing to be integral with ones inner self comes naturally with increased self acceptance and the realisation that you are just as valid and important as anyone else.