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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Best Time Organization Tips

 by caseycavell
The time-tested phrase ‘you have to learn to crawl before you can walk' is merely a metaphor for setting micro and macro goals for yourself. If your ultimate goal is to be able to walk, then yes it is important that you should learn to crawl first. Regardless, when creating goals for yourself, remember to set intermediate ones also, so that you create checkpoints for yourself; this helps you keep on track to achieve your ultimate goals.

If your goal is to purchase your first self storage facility this year, you must first identify all of the components of a sale. Finding a motivated seller with a mismanaged property that still has an upside is the ideal situation. Believe me, it takes a lot of time and effort to find a person who is willing to sell their property. That's just the first step! If buying your first property is your goal, then your first micro-goal should be finding a motivated seller. Set about a plan for finding a motivated seller. If it takes cold-calling self storage facilities from a large owner's database, then set a goal for the number of places you will call in a week, a month, etc. Within each one accomplished, continue to set others. This allows you to set them realistically for yourself. If you just have a goal of buying a property, but you have no structure on how to achieve it, you will almost certainly fail.

I believe in setting high standards and goals. If you don't achieve your ultimate goal, you will most likely achieve the secondary and improve yourself or your situation. So in closing, remember to aim high with your ultimate goals, yet set your intermediate goals realistically because they are the ones that you will be chasing in the immediate future. I challenge you to set one for yourself tomorrow. After you completed this goal, set intermediate goals that will help you achieve along the way. After you complete your tasks, reflect on your experience and see if you feel that setting the small goals to achieve the big one can help you or not. I'm confident it will.
Casey Cavell is a nationally respected entrepreneur, commercial real estate investor, and self storage expert. To learn more about Casey Cavell and how he can help you solidify your financial future, visit or contact him at


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