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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Self Analysis and How to Increase Your Abilities

 by ankistorm


The mind accumulates the memory of pain and stores it, so as to use this memory to warn itself of the danger in the future. But it also covers over painful memories so as to hide from itself the harm that has been done because it does not wish to re-experience the pain. To survive is to be happy. To succumb is unhappiness. It is a silly mechanism as it is a paradox and a glitch in the mind.

As pain accumulates in the mind a person will descend from full vitality, to partial vitality and eventually will arrive at death if too much pain. These stages we know in Scientology as the Emotional Tone Scale.

At the top of this scale is exhilaration. As a person descends this scale he is also descending from full consciousness to semi consciousness to no consciousness. A fuller vitality or consciousness would see a man enthusiastic and exhilarate in life. Someone down the bottom is in apathy. Most of us do not live in that higher plane, though we could and should.

The book Self Analysis by L. Ron Hubbard is about how to raise a person from the lower tone to the higher tone. A person stores memories of pain and with each new storage of pain has lowered his consciousness. This book - after an introduction on what the mind is, and what the emotional tone scale is, takes a person through many mental exercises, one after the other.

Through these exercises one may find himself moving up from a lower level, such as apathy, to a new higher level. Anger, for example, is where a person is fighting against threatened loss, is somewhere mid way. A person who is merely suspicious of a loss may be in antagonism, a slightly higher tone. Above that is the tone of boredom, and then cheerfulness, and finally enthusiasm.

A person will normally suffer a loss, go down the scale and then bounce back up. But when a person has had too many losses and too much pain he tends to stay fix down in the lower levels of tone for extended periods of time, maybe even a life time, and he needs help to get himself back out. The book Self Analysis is such help. It allows the person to dig himself out from the lower tone, raising his emotional tone as he goes.

It is not an overnight exercise. It takes many hours. But the results are worthwhile. At the top of the scale a person is fully conscious of himself and others around him, and his environment and the universe in general. He accepts responsibility for his lot and also his fellows. He is a joy to be around. His perception of the universe has been restored and is no longer dull. His ability to compute correctly any given situation has been increased.

The book Self Analysis has laws on how life and the mind are composed. It has pages and pages of exercises that when done will lift a person back up to his higher heights.

It is a great adventure. The book is designed to be done at home. You get to analyse yourself. The exercises in this book really do work and I have the experience of having asked a few friends to do the exercises in the book. At the end they were quite cheerful, whereas before they were a bit dull and boring to be around. So my advice is get hold of a copy - and many libraries have them today - and try it.

Anki Storm is book reader, and Scientologist, at the Church of Scientology of Canberra, Australia's national capital. She believes books readers are people with ability, and literacy is the key to knowledge and wisdom. She likes helping others. Self Analysis , Church of Scientology of Canberra


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