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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Depression Among The Survivors

 by markwalters


Recent times have been very difficult times, financially speaking. The global economy is going into recession, and money is tough on all ends. Companies and private individuals are attempting to cut their costs at every turn, trying to keep afloat as much as possible. There is a prevalent need to keep one's finances as stable as possible, but this is getting difficult. With many companies facing the choice of going into deficit or laying off workers, the latter option has appeared more appealing. Depression is a noted problem among those who have lost their jobs due to the economic climate, but it has recently been found to be an emerging problem among those who have been retained.

Guilt is a powerful human emotion, and one that is capable of driving people to do things they normally wouldn't do. Guilt also seems to be the main reason for so many of the employed starting to develop depression. Survivor's guilt has become a common occurrence among the employed staff of many businesses and companies after a lay-off. The guilt can come in various forms, but the most common is that the ones left behind do not believe they deserve to have kept their jobs, or that they have somehow robbed another person of their livelihood. The sight of watching a co-worker pack up his things and leave the office can be harrowing, and can easily fill a person with guilt over not being asked to do the same. Then there is the possibility of the person in question developing anxiety because of the possibility that they might be next to get axed.

Other than depression caused by guilt, there are other ways that lay-offs can have negative effects on those who retain their jobs. Anxiety is another common problem, with no employee being certain when it might be their turn to pack up their things and go. There's no foreseeable end to the current situation, and there's no telling how much worse it can get. A number of people buckle under the strain of having to take on extra work to make up for all the lost people, and the stress from that can often cause minor episodes of depression. Finally, some actually feel envious of being laid off, viewing their workplace as something they'd rather avoid if they could, but realizing that they can't afford to lose the finances being employed provides.

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