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Friday, November 26, 2010

Mindfulness: The Fruits of Awareness

 By Justine Crowley


As the mind wanders so does the breath. In order to access more inner peace, joy, happiness and abundance in your life you need to keep a still, calm and quiet mind as much as possible. Easier said than done, I know. I have been there, and at times, especially when we feel so tired, listless and deflated that nasty inner voice; that internal dialogue starts to take charge and rent your precious mind for free. Perhaps your a creature of habit, or sincerely don't want to commit to meditation crossed legged on the floor too much, or chanting spiritual mantras to connect to your core being, and that is okay. An alternative will be presented to you shortly. Brace yourself for some positive, constructive and meaningful change to help you access resources to help you become more connected to your soul purpose - to the abundant and prosperous land.
The activity I am about to suggest does not cost the earth; in fact it does not cost a single dime except for any relevant travel costs to do this. And you will be able to lift your life force energy so the law of attraction begins to work in your favour.
Go for a leisurely stroll in a local park, or go for a walk in the country and rather than using nature as a backdrop to your thoughts: I invite you to focus on every living thing (yes animals and fellow human beings) you see. Once you do this, a sense of peace and calm will begin to emanate your being designed to turbocharge your abundance and prosperity. These non-human animals are also God's creatures like we are, and thus deserve your respect and attention; and as you focus on such animals your mindfulness state is alive on them. If any preoccupied thoughts come to the fore (your ego always wants to remain in charge, and this is something we all have) all you have to say is "thanks for sharing" and go back to focusing on all living things you see. Just for a few moments, and then return to now.
Justine Crowley is a highly respected NLP Practitioner, prosperity and abundance coach and writer, investor and marketer. Justine is of service to people to help them to achieve more abundance, prosperity, peace, joy and happiness in their lives. When not writing, researching, studying, investing and conducting therapy work Justine enjoys time out with family, friends and with her cat Quattro in her Sydney based inner city pad. When not travelling, Justine also enjoys walking, yoga and competing in marathons.

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